Our Story

Go4it is a non-profit organisation created in memory of Ivan Purdie (1968 – 2015).

Ivan was a man of action and he inspired the people around him to live life to the full. When Ivan was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer in 2011 his world was turned upside down, but his attitude remained the same. Despite being extremely unwell at various points throughout his five-year battle, Ivan never once focused on his illness, used it as an excuse, or let it stand in his way. Instead he continued to vigorously pursue his goals and his passions in life, always encouraging others to “go for it!” too.

Ivan with six months left to live, passing on his love of sport.

Go4it was established to keep Ivan’s bright light shining. We organise events that inspire others to live life to the full, and raise funds to empower those impacted by injury, illness and loss to do the same.

Our Directors

Go4it’s Directors are responsible for running the nonprofit organisation including all fundraising events, marketing, communications and strategic planning. They are also responsible for recommending potential beneficiaries to The Go4it Fund administrator, Hertfordshire Community Foundation.


Catherine Stevens


Andrew Hardie


James Hayter


Kate Purdie

Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Hertfordshire Community Foundation enables Go4it to fundraise in a rewarding and cost effective way, by handling all of the organisation’s administrative matters and providing advice and support.

All proceeds go directly to The Go4it Fund, which is administered by HCF (registered charity number 1156082; Limited company registered in England under number 8794474).


Our Patron

Matt Tebbutt is a celebrity chef, television presenter and author. He is the host of the BBC’s ‘Saturday Kitchen’ and also Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’. On Ivan’s passing Mattt commented, “You can always tell the qualities by which a man lived his life, through the friends he kept and the family he leaves behind and with Ivan this speaks volumes.” Just as Ivan did, Matt works hard, plays hard and lives his life to the full. We are proud to have the support of such a talented patron who epitomises the Go4it philosophy.

Matt Tebutt

Our Sponsors

Go4it simply would not exist without the help of many generous individuals and corporations. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has worked so hard to make this tribute to Ivan a lasting reality.


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  • PHONE07827 331150
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