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Thousands raised in honour of businessman who died after cancer fight – memory of dad is charity’s big drive

20th October 2016

Thousands of pounds have been raised to assist people in overcoming adversity at the launch of non-profit organisation founded in memory of an “extraordinary” businessman.

Media executive Ivan Purdie, from Hunsdon, passed away in October last year at the age of 47, following a five-year battle with cancer.


Mr Purdie’s death left a significant hole in the lives of his friends, family and colleagues all over the world.

He is survived by wife Kate, 42 and his three children, Olivia, 15, Scarlett, 11, and Lucas, 6.

Following the first anniversary of his death, Mr Purdie’s friends and family launched the Go4it charity in tribute to the businessman.

The first Ivan Purdie Memorial Golf Day, Dinner and Auction, held at the Essendon Country Club and sponsored by IEP Financial, took place on Friday and raised £23,000 for the Go4it Fund.

The fund is aimed at assisting people facing adversity in the forms of injury, illness and loss and encourages them to continue pursuing there personal goals and reach their full potential.

The fund is to be administered by Hertfordshire Community Foundation.

Ms Purdie, Mr Purdie’s widow, who is one of the organisation’s directors, said: “We learned through Ivan’s journey that illness and injury in a family impacts everyone, not just the individual who is suffering.

“Often, just managing to carry on existing requires all of the resources and energy available. But just existing is not living.

“To carry on truly living, people need support that enables them to focus on their wellbeing and pursue there personal goals.

“This is particularly true both during and after injury and illness, and in instances of loss.


“Ivan inspired the people around him by living life to the fullest, and we felt the best way to honour his memory was to raise funds to help other people facing adversity in our community to do the same.”

Ian Poysden, managing director of IEP Financial, said: “We were delighted to be able to sponsor the first Go4it Fund Golf Day.

“Having grown up with Ivan, I know he will be proud to see the work that has gone into this charitable fund, and I look forward to seeing the fund grow and benefit families in need.”


This article first appear in the Hertfordshire Mercury, Oct 20th



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